Ways to Find More Time in a Busy Schedule

Students find themselves very busy these days because of their hectic schedules due to studies and extra co-curricular activities. This leads to the development of stress in them. The reasons of stress may vary from one student to another. There may be many reasons why students find themselves too busy but with stress and time management ideas, they can surely find time for themselves.

Here are some ideas to help:

1) Learn to say no.

Many students feel uncomfortable saying “no” to things when people ask them and they end up over scheduling themselves. Maybe they don’t want to disappoint other people. Eventually, they downcast themselves by not having enough time for things important to them. Learning to say “no” to unwanted things will not only give them time but also relieve them from the stresses and worries of life.

2) Be Organized

Organize your schedule as well as your home. It’s hard to relax in an environment where things are messy. Being organized can help you to save some time doing unnecessary things.


3) Be clear on your priorities

Be clear on your priorities and stick to them. Don’t add any activities in your schedule which don’t reflect your values and priorities and are mere wastage of time. You’ll end up wasting time without adequate sleep and other healthy habits otherwise.

4) Make a plan.

Many students don’t know where their time goes. Sometimes they overestimate the amount of time they have and sometimes they underestimate the amount of time they need to complete certain activities. So it becomes important that you make a plan and schedule your activities accordingly to save time for yourself.

5) Be true to yourself.

You can avoid getting yourself overwhelmed by being true to yourself and know your limitations. This will save you from going in wrong direction and give some time for yourself.

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