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Why Vocational Courses Are The Need Of The Hour?

In this competitive world, a matter which is of great concern these days is the employability of graduates coming out of our education system. According to the world economic forum (WEF), only 25% of the Indian graduates across all streams are considered employable by the organized sector. It shows the need of high quality vocational education to prepare youngsters for jobs. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) offers nearly 40 vacation courses in various sectors at the secondary and senior secondary levels to prepare young India with right skills-set and make them ready for jobs. You can enroll in Bhupindra International Public School the best international school in Patiala for vocational courses.

These courses are specifically designed to train youngsters for various job trades and are mainly focused on training them for particular professions or trade. These are available in many different occupational fields like health care, office management, computer Technologies and other skilled trades.

Vocational courses deviates from the normal streamlined courses as they are structured to provide application based learning with little theoretical aspects. You can go for vocational courses straight after 10th or 12th standard and opt for courses like a diploma, degree, or certificate course. There are many institutes and universities in the country that offer these courses to the students who are inclined towards them. Instead of going into streamline courses, more and more students choose these courses because of the benefits that these courses offer.

 Here are some of the benefits of studying these courses:

1) These courses offer an Insight into the requirements of a particular job along with the vocational skill set.

2) Vocational courses equip you with the knowledge and skills for a specific field. These courses provide the specialized learning which is an advantage if the student is planning to work in the same field.

3) These courses are for shorter duration of time and are less expensive. You can study them at your own convenience, even online as well.

4) Vocational courses prepare the student for the global dynamic market keeping pace with it. These also develop skilled manpower for the organized sector of the country.

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