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Tips to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

In order to read and write effectively in high school and colleges, students need strong critical thinking skills. Many jobs which involve analysis of data require employees who can think critically to choose the best course of action and act on their choices. Students who foster critical thinking skills at the early stages of life becomes more skilled in fabricating reflective and sophisticated analysis of changes they face.

Here are some exercises you can try to help improve capacity of critical thinking in your students.

1) Allocate free articles to connect with other course work

After the introduction of new concepts or contents, teachers should assign free writings to the students that will draw connections to the other course materials. This will strengthen their memory by determining how the new information will connect to what they already know.

2) Start analyzing and assessing ideas

The next vital constituent of critical thinking is assessing and analyzing the validity of ideas and facts. Let the students engage actively with course materials to: a) determine the main ideas, b) make connections with other materials, c) assess whether the ideas are logical or valid. This is done to push students to think critically about the text in hand and to determine how useful and valuable it is.

3) Use stories to draw connections and then connect stories to related concepts. Once students get the basic meaning of the story, they will be able to draw connections outside the story by getting themselves to identify stories which have a similar message of plot.

4) Embrace active learning

The major goal of teaching critical thinking is to turn students into active learners. This will help students store, summarize and synthesize information in hand and decide whether it’s valuable, factual or relevant.

Critical thinking is an important skill in your life. Students who develop critical thinking learn to analyze data, detect patterns or problems and develop ideal solutions. Enroll your children in Bhupindra International Public School to develop critical thinking skills in them.

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