Principal’s Message

Put on the glasses of optimism and you will see a world of potentials.Think Positive.

Dear Parents
principal_bipspatiala copyI firmly believe, education is the greatest tool at our command to build the kind of society we want. The role of school in providing the children with ample opportunities for all round development and growth, cannot be denied. Education is what remains after a child leaves his/her alma mater. I see to it when my students leave school, join institutions of higher learning and subsequently enter into the vast arena of life, this residue should reflect a fine blend of sublime human qualities of compassion, fearlessness, tolerance, enterprise, industry, perseverance and the like. My objective is to take education beyond the realm of books and even computers so that the children can define true aim of life which is contentment and peace of mind.

It is ensured at BIPS that the children are not loaded with mere information but their fresh and fertile minds are ignited to explore and discover, which is a must for survival in this age of cut throat competition.

I assure you, the students get elite grooming in the sui-generis, clean, green and pollution free environment of the school.

My highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty has missionary zeal and holistic approach. Multifaceted development of the students is our priority. Here, these gems are polished and groomed in such a fashion that they radiate and illuminate the society and dispel darkness caused by ignorance. The focus is on nurturing fragile and tender buds into fully bloomed beautiful flowers spreading fragrance of human virtues and values. I know it is a mammoth task but prudently and patiently fighting off such challenge is, however, our second nature. Propelled by our missionary zeal, steely resolve and unflinching faith in the capability and expertise of the faculty, I assure you that entrusting your child in our experienced hands is the most judicious and timely decision you would ever take.

I solicit your cooperation in making this humble endeavour of contribution towards our society a success.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.



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