Performing Arts

Music Studio : Evenings are organised every month and parents are the most important part of the audience in each and every event. The passionate & skilled music teacher grooms children regularly to raise children’s talent to another level. Their performances mesmerize music lovers. Every month Parents are audience to children;s potential to sing melodiously. Children explore various options in Instrumental Music, too. They opt to learn to play guitar/harmonium, sitar, Congo, Duffli, Bongo, tabla & drum sets.

Dance Studio: is maintained well. The wall length mirror is fixed so that dancers can perfecttheir own technique. Dancers are able to see their own angles in the mirror and correct themselves under efficient Dance Gurus. Good sound system gives great time to passionate dancers.

Dining Hall : To inculcate mindful and healthy eating habits students are provided proper grooming. Dining etiquettes are part of school routine to reinforce eating manners & socially acceptable behaviour so that they show respect & courtesy to the fellow diners. to . Good habits reflect good upbringing in children. Ourteachers sit with our students and eat to guide them in better understanding of eating etiquettes.