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How parental pressure causes stress on children?

Education and academics have been the crucial points of stress in India. The pressure to excel in studies has always been remarkably high on children from the parents. Families usually compel children to excel in academics and that often results in crippling their morale, child abuse and finally their failure and breakdown. Encouragement from parents and teachers can be a stepping stone in children’s success. Enroll your children in Bhupindra international public school, the best CBSE school in Patiala for the overall development of your children and make their life stress free.

 Here is how parental pressure is affecting children and causing stress in them:

1) Psychological impact on children

One of the highest suicide rates amid teenagers and young adults is in India. The common reasons are failure in examinations, high expectations and parental pressure. Excessive pressure from parents can even lead to a number of psychological problems, manifesting in diverse stages of adolescence and adulthood.


2) All-rounder children

With the growth of sports and entertainment as high-income businesses in India, most of the people have turned their focus towards these fields. Most parents still are unable to ward off the need to pursue academics simultaneously. Because of the inevitable competition in every field, parents push their children to become all-rounders and children end up as victims often instead of success stories.

All rounder kids

3) Academics vs Sports vs Arts           

Failure to recognize learning disabilities like dyslexia and seeing academic failure to be the end of life are the two biggest failures of the modern parenting and education system in India. A large amount of pressure comes from the parents on children not to fail in academics. 

The activities which are imperative for growth and destressing in children are the sports and physical activities. Instead of inspiring enthusiasm of children for these activities, Competitive parents make it worse with shaming kids and constant comparisons.

Dance, arts, music and other activities are brilliant choices to inspire the creativity in children. They teach focus, discipline and team work in them. Unfortunately, parental pressure has twisted these enjoyable activities into competitive events resulting in immense stress on children.


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