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Mind boosters for more brain power

Have you ever felt that you can’t remember simple things like your car keys, wallet, name of your contacts, things you need to pick from the grocery store on your way back home? With aging, lots of people struggle with this fact that their memory and mental power is not the same as it used to be. You might have tried exercising your brain or started to keep a” to do” list but to improve your mind and memory, a proven way is to provide the nutrients to the brain which are required for its functioning at high performance levels. Scientists have discovered many supplements to enhance and sharpen memory and mental performance.

Keeping your mind sharp and active is quite simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of your hard earned money to do that. Simple exercises everyday can boost your memory power and keep your mind fresh and young.  Here are some mind booster exercises for your brain

1)  Speed reading can help to develop better memory and reach your aim faster.

2) Drawing helps to stimulate the right areas in the brain and inspire creativity.

3) Learning and practicing a new or foreign language helps in improving the speech centers in your brain.

4)  Playing games like Sudoku and solving crossword puzzles can increase the brain’s ability to think critically and reasonably.

5) Participation in debates nourishes mind’s ability to think quickly and effectively.

6) Listening classical music activates the left hemisphere of the brain and makes it more Sharper.

7) Playing board games and card games helps in improving thinking and problem-solving skills..

8) Social networking helps to sustain and develop relationships, express emotions and reduce stress. It also helps in reducing the chances o having dementia.

9) Exercises are good for your mental and Physical health. Physical activities send oxygen to the brain for its relaxation so that you can think clearly.

10) Asking questions can inspire new ideas and thoughts. They help in increasing brain power by evaluating the pre-existing facts and philosophies.

You can learn and develop skills that will keep your mind sharp by enrolling in international schools in Patiala or in top CBSE schools in Patiala. Get creative, have fun and regularly exercise your brain.

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