Do you know low self-esteem is a disease?

A student’s self-esteem has a significant impact on almost everything they do

Do you know low self-esteem is a disease?

A student’s self-esteem has a significant impact on almost everything they do

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On the way they engage in activities, deals with challenges, and interact with others.
• Low self-esteem can lessen a student's desire to learn, her ability to focus, and her willingness to take risks.
• Positive self-esteem, on the other hand, is one of the building blocks of school success; it provides a firm foundation for learning.
• The challenge in working with children with low self-esteem is to restore their belief in themselves, so they persevere in the face of academic challenges.
• You do not need a formal program to promote self-esteem; however educators shape self-esteem every day, in the normal course of interacting with their students.
• Although you cannot teach a student to feel good about her, you can nurture her self-esteem through a continual process of encouragement and support.
• At its most basic, that means showing appreciation for the things she does well, expressing confidence that she will improve in the areas in which she doesn't do well, and adapting instruction so she can experience success

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How can low self-esteem affect students?

When someone has low self-esteem, they tend to avoid situations where they think there’s risk of failure, embarrassment ohar making mistakes. These can involve school work, making friends, and trying new activities, which are all important parts of a student life.

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If the low self-esteem is not identified and treated, then it can lead to problems such as:

  • relationship troubles or difficulty making friends
  • negative moods such as feeling sad, anxious, ashamed or angry
  • low motivation
  • poor body image
  • earlier sexual activity
  • drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs to feel better

Do you want to give your child the confidence to take on the world?

Perhaps your child is gifted and intelligent? Perhaps he/she have a huge potential to do big things in the world? As a parent it can be frustrating when you are aware of what your child has to offer, but he/she lacks in confidence. You can prevent this with BIPS!
The children at the Bhupindra International Public School have a huge advantage over the children at other schools. Not only are they usually at least 2 years ahead of their peers in development, but they are also much more confident and self-aware. This is all thanks to the unique Montessori method used at BIPS. By following a five-sense model of education and encouraging cooperative play and creative exploration, BIPS gives children an unparalleled level of confidence beyond their years. Enquire about BIPS today!

Your child deserves to have the confidence to match their wonderful abilities, and to be able to take on the world with a level head. Don’t deny your child this opportunity.


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