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Important Reasons For Teaching Kindness in Schools

Studies have shown that there are many mental, emotional and physical benefits related with kindness. With growth and development of mind and body, children require a warm and positive environment to flourish into happy, healthy and well rounded human beings. Experiences of kindness are believed to change the mentality and brain in individuals.

Teaching kindness in schools has reported a great number of benefits like

1) Less stress and improved health

It is reported that being kind can activate the release of Oxytocin hormone which has many mental and Physical health benefits. It can remarkably increase the level of happiness in person and reduce stress which improves the overall health.

2) Happy children

It is explained scientifically that kindness results in good feelings which are produced by endorphins. They activate the areas of brain associated with social connection, pleasure and trust. Thus, making children happy.

3) Increased feeling of gratitude

When children help people who are less fortunate than them, it gives them a real sense of Outlook and helps them to appreciate the good things they have in their lives

4) Increased acceptance of peers

Research has shown kindness helps to form meaningful connections with others. Happy children enjoy significant acceptance of peers among them.

5) Improved results and better concentration

Kindness is a key element that helps children to feel good. Positive perspectives enable more creative thinking and allow greater attention spam’s in them to produce preferable results at school.

6) Reduced depression

Research has uncovered that act of kindness increases serotonin levels in the brain of both recipient and giver of “an act of kindness”. Thus, making it a magnificent natural antidepressant.

It is evident that schools must include teaching kindness into their curriculum in order to develop children into confident, happy and well rounded human beings. It belongs to every school, home, neighborhood and community. Enroll your children in Bhupindra International Public School for their growth and development.

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