Health and Safety

Security Features

  • Fire Safety Equipment including fire alarm, fire sprinklers, hose pipes and hydrant fire extinguishers are fixed at appropriate places in the building.
  • CCTV cameras are fixed at strategic locations all across the building to monitor movement of visitors, staff and students.
  • A Boundary wall of 8-10 feet height is in place.
  • Complete power backup is provided with a Genset of 90KV.
  • Positioning of guards at strategic points at both the gates is ensured.
  • A reverse-osmosis (RO) water plant is installed to ensure pure and safe drinking water for our students and staff members. The same water is also used for cooking in the school cafeteria.
  • Disaster Management Team is appointed with designated duties in case of eventualities or disasters. Apart from the fire extinguishing system being in place, exit plans for students are legibly displayed in all corridors to enable students in fast exit from the building.
  • Mock drills are undertaken from time to time for staff and students. Class IV employees are also trained to manage exigencies.
  • Safety in School Buses is the utmost priority of the school.
    Checklist for safety features is provided to teachers.
  • Boarding and Deboarding is supervised by the accompanying teacher.
  • Maids/Lady guards/Attendants are deputed on all routes.


A completely air conditioned infirmary with 8 beds is available to all students with separate sections for boys and girls. (Girls also have access to a dedicated wash room attached to the infirmary). A qualified Doctor and Nurse are available to provide first-aid and tend to the sick or injured children. Medical check-ups are carried out regularly and all medical records are made available to parents, via our online E-governance system.


Students enjoy a host of nutritious snacks and beverages at the school cafeteria. The school Doctor and Nurse monitor the quality of ingredients used by the contractor. All snacks are cooked in the cooking area attached to the cafeteria under hygienic condition.