Faculty Workshops

14th October,2020

Gurpreet Kaur TGT , attended an online training session on ‘ Teaching Strategies and Methodologies in Social Science’ hosted by CBSE COE-Chandigarh on 14th October, 2020. At the very outset, the Resource Person highlighted the various methodologies used i.e. conceptual learning, problem solving , cooperative learning etc. in order to bring in the element of inquisitiveness among the students. He pointed out that if the various strategies could be modified and correlated with our present times /current affairs it is sure to expand the horizon of social science . It was reiterated that it is high time that we should shift our focus from text-based learning to conceptual learning. To sum up, the training was very useful and all the strategies discussed can be easily adopted in any classroom situation.

12th October’2020

School Counsellor, Ms Ishita Malik ttended an online training session on assessment in Psychology hosted by CBSE- COE Chandigarh on 12th October’2020. Resource person highlighted the difference between psychological assessment, psychological testing and diagnosis. Different techniques of psychological assessment along with the ideal assessment tools were addressed. The session also highlighted the importance of clinical interviews and various behavioural and cognitive, neurobiological, psychophysiological assessment. Problems related with testing were also discussed. The session ended with the interpretation and discussion of certain types of responses of personality tests.

18th September’2020
Senior school teachers Ms Renu Arora & Deepti Gautam attended a session on 18th September’2020 with ‘Foreign College Placement’, an initiative of FICCI ARISE, who this time were host to some other universities from across the globe namely Colgate University, Bates College.

All three presenters gave an all-inclusive description of their campuses, where they are situated, size of campus, kind of courses offered, different clubs and activities, placement percentage, grounds of reputation students provided insight into how their transition from India to a foreign country proved to be, how long it took to adjust to the weather, the culture, the residential life of their respective colleges, while sharing their experiences of a semester-abroad programme offered by their institutes, their experiences with the courses they were able to study etc.

The common thing which was shared by all the presenters was the importance of liberal art education which allows students to spread their reach across multiple disciplines which serves to build various skill sets such as those of critical, creative, inquiry and team building.

13th September, 2020

The school counsellor, Ms. AmritPal Kaur attended a workshop organized by Centre of excellence (CBSE) on ‘Happy Classrooms- Exploring happiness’ on 13th September, 20. The session primarily focused on the importance of the happiness quotient of teachers and educators in order to enhance the teaching-learning process. Self-awareness and practicing mindfulness were some of the techniques that were emphasized. The workshop involved active discussion with the participants in order to build on their already existing ideas towards over all wellness.

11th September 2020

School Counsellors Ms. Poonam Gulati recently attended a COE webinar on the Role and Responsibilities of Counsellors – Demands and Challenges on 11th September ’20, conducted by Ms. Ruupa Sharma.

The session began with the listing of the attributes required to be an effective school counsellor. They are those of empathy, listening skills, self-awareness, problem-solving competency, flexibility, patience, communication expertise etc. Hence, what was established was the clearly defined role of the counsellor, vis a vis either the home-room teacher, or for that matter, the parents, focussing on how important it is for the former to build the desired rapport with the children besides having an unbiased and non-judgemental approach in the workspace.

The areas of emphasis included the many issues children face throughout their school life ranging from academics to family to peer groups. The speaker also shed light on how a counsellor should be equipped with a multicultural competency in order to deal with students with diverse backgrounds, socio-cultural and economic.

The resource person discussed the myriad roles a counsellor plays besides that of a behavioural guidance provider or a therapeutic assistant. They also often act as career guides who provide relevant information to their students who are either at the threshold, gearing up to choose a stream for themselves or are finishing school and looking for help in choosing the right college or a suitable career-path. A counsellor also acts as a special educator who assists children with learning difficulties or disabilities to be able to cope with academics. The session did hold up several impediments that counsellors have to counter and also the possible means and ways of overcoming the formidable odds in order to reach out to those who need help.

7th & 8th August 2020

A Webinar on Teaching Mathematics Online was organised by Orient Blackswan. Four key components of Core of Online teaching – Visualizing abstract concepts in primary mathematics, Experiential learning, differentiated teaching and Assessments ‘for’ and ‘of’ learning were discussed during the session. Importance of Visualization was discussed with various examples. It was suggested to adapt the picturizing concept as it helps in building connections, understanding and leads to conversations. Visualization helps in proving a concept like Addition, Multiplication, Fractions, Number pattern for Prime numbers, Addition facts and Order property.

8th & 9th June 2020

Ms Indu Sharma, the principal & Mr Kulwant, the IT head conducted a two days’ workshop for teachers addressing some of the routine challenges incurred due to transition from conventional to online learning environment. The primary agenda of the workshop was on 5 E’s of constructivism namely Engage , Explore , Explain ,Elaborate , Evaluate. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge was stated as best practice for improving effectiveness of ICT.Technologies like whiteboard , sketch.io , padlet , google jamboard , keep , kiddle ,photopea , google suite , scratch , makecode , pocket code were introduced.

30TH May to 3rd June 2020

The Primary teachers of BIPS Schools attended a webinar series- Schools Post Lockdown organised by various CBSE agencies . The esteemed panellists reflected on the what, why and how of schools post lockdown. They talked in detail on how students are the main focus of school, teachers and parents. They unanimously said that virtual learning should be conducted in such a way which helps to maximise the inherent potential and imbibe values to make them compassionate, responsible and global citizens. They also offered insights on innovative practices to rebuild equity and inclusive programmes for effective education.

31st May 2020

Teachers from Primary and Senior wing of the English department of The Khaitan School Noida attended a webinar organised by Mahattattva on using the G Suite tools. The workshop aimed at equipping the teachers with the easy and interactive tools available to make the pedagogy more engaging and interesting for the students. They helped the teachers explore the options of Google Slides, Jamboard, Flippity and Google Sheets.

May 2nd to 27th 2020

The teachers at The Khaitan School Noida attended webinar series for Primary as well as Secondary classes. It was organised by FICCI Arise along with knowledge partner HIGHR. The sessions focussed on strategies teachers can use to design effective lesson plans for online teaching. They discussed how content can be sequenced and what teachers should consider while planning for online teaching. Focusing on key classroom practices, the sessions featured classroom ideas that work, bringing together teacher-innovators from India and abroad.

May 24th 2020

A webinar on Manifestation and Law of attraction was conducted for the staff of BIPS fraternity . The principal was the speaker. She highlighted the concept of Mindfulness-which is the practice of self-awareness without judgement. It showed everyone that analytical and judgement aspects are unhealthy and perpetuate the problems faced by us. She guided the audience to change their anxieties and fears to signals of love and compassion as negative emotions are overpowering and limiting. He urged the audience to find a feeling of compassion within them and let it radiate to others. Be intentional with your thoughts, feelings and actions as Intention focuses on brain activity and uses every resource to perform an action.

May 23rd 2020

A Webinar on Emergency Remote Teaching was conducted for teachers of Primary wing by IPN. The webinar was divided under three broad categories-

Appreciate Nature of Emergency Remote Teaching
Factors to consider for Emergency Remote Teaching
Strategies to make Emergency Remote Teaching more effective.
Teachers were taught how to distinguished between Online Teaching and Emergency Remote Teaching. Few strategies that were discussed were- RULER, Adapting Online communication, Life-cycle of remote lessons. The webinar was made interesting by conducting online polls on questions like – Online Teaching Synchronous Vs Asynchronous, Nature of consolidated learning, What do you think is the biggest challenge in online learning? The webinar was concluded with a reflection by Kolb on teaching learning experience where abstract conceptualization, active experimentation, concrete experience and reflective observation go in a cycle.

May 20th 2020

A few minutes of Yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily, in both, body and the mind. Yoga postures, Pranayama and meditation are effective techniques to release stress. The yoga instructor took yoga session for Primary Teachers. The staff participated with full interest, enthusiasm and eagerness. Exercises for relieving stress, reducing joint pain and enhancing the flexibility of the back were also done for the benefit of the teachers. It was very refreshing, reviving and relaxing.

May 19th 2020

A Maths workshop on “Learning STEAM Integrated activities, Connecting 21st Century skills” was conducted through online platform. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Jaswinder Singh a Physics Post graduate. The workshop focussed on guiding the teachers in planning and visualizing lessons through e-book, lesson plans, worksheets, Question bank and sample papers. The Importance of Art Integration activities were discussed. The facilitator had a brilliant technical and pedagogical knowledge. He shared his ideas through activities which were simple and easy to incorporate.

May 1st 2020

A Webinar on ‘the experiential education’ was organized by the Management of The Heritage Experiential School, Gurgaon. This school stands apart as perhaps the only example of a progressive school that offers alternate education in the mainstream, disproving the perception that experiential education can only take place on a small scale. The panellists discussed the project-based education and its benefits unlike the conventional education which has been going on for years.

The workshop concluded with the quote/ belief – in the future it will be ‘The Survival of the Humanest’.

April 28th 2020

“Learning is synthesizing seemingly divergent ideas and datas.” On 28th of April 2020, the teachers of BIPS attended a webinar on ‘Skill Enhancement Through Online Teacher Training’. The webinar was conducted consultant and trainer for English language. The webinar specifically focussed on classroom teaching techniques. The resources person discussed different modules which could be used during online teaching to help teachers to be conversant with more than just domain expertise.

April 25th 2020

A webinar on ELT (English Language Teaching) was organized by Ratna Sagar Publications for the teachers of the Primary Department. It was an online workshop conducted. During the workshop, the teachers were introduced to different ice breaking activities to begin their classes. Using multiple real-life examples and games, the resource person laid stress upon the importance of having a literary bent of mind and better communication skills as English is the passport to the world. The power of listening and visual impetus in real-life as well as online teaching of English as a language were thoroughly discussed in the session.

April 13th 2020

A workshop on emotional intelligence for teachers was organized by Indus Training and Research Institute, Bangalore. The same was attended by all the Primary Teachers. It was aimed at creating awareness about the importance of emotional intelligence in an individual’s life. The session started with a detailed discussion about David Goleman’s Theory of Emotional Intelligence. The resource person, Ms. Mala Palani emphasized on the importance of a teacher’s abilities to manage relationships and build rapport to be an effective facilitator. An in-depth discussion about educating the heart and not just the mind was conducted in view of the changing world dynamics to facilitate the development of each child into a well-adjusted, socially adaptable human resource.

April 9th 2020

The sudden and unplanned closure of schools across the world due to COVID – 19 has necessitated the need of online delivery of education. And while there have been the inevitable teething problems, the education professional community has been collaborating and are working hard to identify key practices for successful online learning. Keeping this in mind aIPN Webinar on “Using Technology to deliver lessons in a crisis “was attended by all PGTs Coordinator 1 and 2 . The Panellists emphasised that the social and emotional wellbeing of the students’ needs to be the first priority. Teachers should use this platform to reiterate the importance of proper diet, schedule and adequate sleep and not just focus on academics. FUN needs to be a big part of these sessions where teachers need to be creative.

April 7th 2020

A webinar on “Top tips for teaching from home” by the International Professional Development Association was organized by Oxford University Press on the 7th of April 2020. This was a global online training, hosting participants from across all continents. Ms. Seema Khurana, Headmistress, Ms Sagun Nath, Coordinator and 36 teachers from the Primary Wing attended this webinar. The top tip that she gave was to monitor the well-being and connect with students. She also suggested that, for e-Learning, it is important to have the video camera on to bring the human connection. The key takeaway was to be patient and kind if technological glitches occur. Another tip given by her was to talk in 8-12-minute blocks to keep the interest alive among students.

December 27th 2019:

The counsellor Ms Gurpreet attended a CBSE Capacity Building Programme on ‘Health and Wellness’ in December’19 .Doctors and experts from FORTIS facilitated the workshop and imparted information on various issues like medical emergencies, their symptomology, causes and management. The facilitators also worked around challenging the currently existing myths surrounding certain medical emergencies in order to highlight the DOs and DON’Ts for each condition. It involved a demonstration session where participants were made to practice interventions like CPR and seizure recovery positions for experiential learning.

December 7th 2019:

The NIIT Nguru organized a comprehensive workshop for teachers on AI and ICT along with its new Book set Launch of Alpha and Ace Series (Solution for Schools) on 7th December 2019.Ms.Bhavna Bhatnagar and Ms.Ruchi Batla attended the workshop on behalf of The Khaitan School.The workshop enlightened participants about how AI has interfaced all spheres in our daily lives with good real-time situations and illustrations. It gave good insight on usage of AI in Microsoft & Google applications, social media, online services, education.ICT was also introduced as Enabler in Education for students. Stress was laid on how to protect oneself from cybercrime.It was an interactive session with activities and open questions. Around 40 teacher representatives from different schools from Delhi-NCR attended the workshop.

November 19th’& 20th 2019:

Microsoft Education India organized the EDU Days event for Innovative Educators, experts, School Leaders and education stakeholders on 19th and 20th November 2019 at hotel Westin, Gurugram. Mr. Vedant Khaitan, Trustee, Mrs D.Kaur, Principal, Mr Sajeev Philip, HOD English and Mrs Anjana Vashishtha PGT(Computer) attended the meet. The objective of the meet was to build exposure for School Leaders on Education Transformation Framework and expose the educators to state of art Learning and innovation practices in education. Experts from Microsoft and Other |IT giants shared futuristic technologies that would drive the change and demonstrate excellence in practice by bringing in voices from the field. The session was beneficial for educators who were responsible for bringing technology in the classroom and schools. The main mission of this event was to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more and technology could be used as a tool to empower students and teachers to create the world of tomorrow.

November 14th’& 15th 2019:

Ms Bhawna Vij and Ms Reeta S. Tyagi attended a CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics Class X on 14 and 15 November 2019 at DAVPS, NTPC, Dadri. The resource person for the empowerment session was Dr Rahul Chawla, a worthy veteran in the domain of teaching Maths. The workshop aimed at enhancing the understanding of the curriculum of Maths (class X) and giving fruitful guidance to teachers of Mathematics especially class X to update their pedagogical skills.
The inaugural session focused on the errors made by students and the ways of remedial teaching for these errors. A thorough discussion of Teaching Diverse Learners equipped teachers with new perspective to deal with diverse learners. Full-length discussion on Bloom’s Taxonomy – the format and styles gave a crystal clear picture of the latest rubrics to follow while attempting the various sections. The workshop saw a vivacious interaction on the Methods of Teaching Mathematics at length and why interdisciplinary research work related to Mathematics is to be done and the strategies to adopt while teaching. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lively interactions on various aspects of Mathematics syllabus and everyone gained valuable inputs of looking upon the curriculum from a new, effective perspective. The workshop indeed stimulated the professional selves of teachers making them more confident, empowered sensitive and aware facilitators of Mathematics.

October 22nd’2019:

A one day workshop on Innovative Pathshala – innovative methods of teaching was organised on 22 October 2019 by CBSE at G. D. Salwan Public School, Delhi.The aim of the workshop was to train teachers to introduce a topic in an innovative way and to connect it with different subjects (inter-disciplinary connect).
Two staff members – Ms.Shalini Srivastava and Ms.Niharika Kalra attended the workshop. The facilitators, Mr.Manas Tripathi and Mr Ankit Suryavanshi’s primary focus was to introduce the idea of creativity in classrooms and ensure experiential learning as opposed to conventional teaching methodologies such as instructional teaching. The forum ‘zero-investment innovations for educational initiatives’ under the guidance of Sri Aurobindo Society has proven through research and extensive work that such teaching strategies yield better learning outcomes and more student participation in classrooms. Integrated and cross-disciplinary learning was emphasised.
The workshop was full of new insights and provided a fresh perspective on the teaching-learning process.

October 4th’2019:

The school counsellors, Ms Niharika and Mr Amit attended the first ‘ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) Conclave’ at India Habitat Centre on 4th Oct’ 19. The ADHD conclave was organized by the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well-being (CCAW) and the founder, Dr Deepak Gupta focused on causes, clinical picture and treatment/intervention for children with ADHD. Their team provided meaningful inputs on how supportive work could be done by schools in order to create a more congenial environment for children with special needs.

September 19th’to 21st 2019:

Mr Kulwant & Ms Meenakshi (Computer Science) conducted a three day workshop .
. It was a good learning experience where Machine Learning was introduced for students using Scratch Software

September 14th’2019:

Ms Mahima Malhotra organised a workshop on Story Telling- Once Upon A Time, with participants from various schools on September 14, 2019. It commenced with the launch of a story book ‘Bubbles’ and its series ‘Sea of Stories’ .
An interesting session on playing with stories was conducted by Ms.Mahima Aggarwal & Ms Shweta . It focused on how to spark imagination, build vocabulary, ingrain values and build a connection with the children through stories. The session gave a valuable insight on how a story comes alive through sounds, actions, voice modulation, props and repetition of phrases.
It was further followed by an engaging session on puppetry by Navjot Kaur which emphasized on the minute techniques of using a puppet. The facilitator introduced the participants to various kinds of puppets like shadow puppets, hand puppets, glorified sock puppets, leather puppets etc.

September 13th’&14th 2019:

Mr Ashwani. the HOD Fine Arts attended a two days’ workshop in Mumbai from13th September to 14th September, organized by ITM Institute of Media and Design. The participants were taught Shibori Japanese tie, die and batik print techniques in different styles. They were taken to Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai. This workshop was very innovative and very fruitful.

September 8th’ 2019:

Mr Ajay & mr Arshdeep attended a CBSE Capacity building workshop on Gender Sensitivity.

The programme was divided into six sessions, covering topics like – Gender sensitive pedagogy and teaching learning materials, how to create gender sensitive classroom environment and interactions. The resource person shared his own experiences with the attendees in a very informal way. Different topics for role play were assigned to different groups of six people each.It was a very fruitful informative and effective workshop