Why Extra-Curricular activities are important for students?

Extra-curricular activities have always been an arguable subject for students. Many believe that they are not as important as academics in student’s life. However, this is completely wrong. A student’s social life is as important as his academic life for growth and development. Extra-curricular activities can help students to strengthen their mind and to promote better time management skills in them.


It is seen that students who take part in co-curricular activities show a marked improvement in their academic scores. This can be ascribed to better organizational skills, motivation and better time management skills.

Students learn new skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and better social skills with these activities. They also develop better leadership skills and learn how to relate better with their peers. Extracurricular activities also foster a sense of commitment in them. All these skills will be beneficial to them in later stages of life.

Students engaged in extracurricular activities tend to find it easier to get further admission in universities because of their versatility. Universities now a day prefer students who have something to offer apart from academic qualifications. They look out for students who can make a contribution to the society and other areas of the universities. Extra-curricular activities are also a source of promotion for some universities as they organize sports or cultural events which improves their prestige.

It is important for parents and students to realize the importance of extra-curricular activities. Enroll in Bhupindra international public school, the best CBSE school in Patiala as they focus on extracurricular activities along with academics for the all-round development of students. It is well said that lot of careers can be made from hobbies if you turn them into your passion.

The main objective of education should be to develop mental and physical growth of students in all aspects. This includes their social, spiritual, intellectual, physical and moral capabilities. A balance should be maintained in all these aspects to benefit the students.

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