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Discover career aspects of different educational streams

Everyone dreams of a good lifestyle and in order to achieve that building a strong career is very important as it decides the type of lifestyle one will have and his/her position in the society.

With the advancement in technology numerous lucrative opportunities has come up for those who are well educated. The opportunities are more for those who are qualified with technical knowledge. Enroll in best CBSE schools or international schools in Patiala to build strong careers.


It was believed earlier that the students who go for science streams have a productive career ahead as compared to other streams of study but this is not the case now. There is a vast scope in every stream today.

Here are career opportunities available on the basis of educational streams you choose

1) Science stream

You can pursue degree in engineering after 12th standard and specialize in many fields like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

You can also go for a bachelor’s degree of science in physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT, biotechnology, etc. with which you can build a career in teaching or Research and Development.


2) Commerce stream

Those who choose commerce stream also has wide scope of opportunities to look forward to. You can build career in Charted Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary ship (CS), Cost and Work Accountant (CWA).

You can also go for bachelor’s degree in commerce and business management. A career in any of these fields is highly lucrative and reputable.

3) Humanities

There are many opportunities for students who opt for humanities. You can go for bachelors of arts and specialize in any areas of your interest like English, sociology, philosophy, political science, social work, psychology, fine arts, journalism, etc.

You can also opt vocational courses in different fields as they are job oriented and high in demand.

The opportunities are plenty for skilled and qualified candidates in India as well as abroad but in this competitive age only hard-working candidates with good grades will have a better chance of building a strong career.

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