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Importance of education in the society

Education forms the essence of all your actions. Your actions are based on what you have learned and know either from instructions or from observation. When you are not making an effort to learn, your mind is always processing new information. Your mind holds the capability to learn more, though; it is the uncertainty or other emotional, social or economic constraints that stops you from expanding the horizons of your knowledge.

As for most of the people, education is a necessity that they use to reach a specific target. After that, they don’t feel the need to pursue higher education but the importance of education in the society is essential and cohering. Enroll in BHUPINDRA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL one of Best CBSE schools in Patiala for your education.

Here are some facts about the importance of education in society and how it affects our lives

1) Education is self-empowerment

Good education empowers you to make yourself strong enough to manage any given situation. It keeps you up to date with the rules and regulations of the society that you are a part of and also enables you to question authorities for their negligence or discrepancies.


2) Growth in personal ambitions

There comes a time when you are no longer remain satisfied with your work and you want to move to higher profile or to some other job. Any of these situations can become reality if you are prepared with a higher academic qualification that allows you the safe passage in both the cases.

personal ambitions

3) Financial Stability and Self-respect in Life

Education helps you to attain sufficient academic qualification to get suitable employment which makes you financial stable and earn self-respect in the fact that you are not dependent on others.

4) On the job Proficiency

Highly qualified candidates are chosen for the job as compared to not so educated candidate. Highly qualified employees are more efficient in saving costs and time of their employers.

5) An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

Regular education keeps people indulged in something substantial and challenging. It helps them in utilizing their idle hours doing something productive and worthwhile.

Exploring career elements of various educational streams

Everyone wish to have a good lifestyle and to achieve that a strong career is very important.  It decides the kind of lifestyle one will have and his/her position in the society.

With the development in technology, various lucrative opportunities has come up for those who are well educated. The opportunities are more favourable for those who are technically qualified. Enrol in Bhupindra International Public School one of the best international schools in Patiala to build strong careers.

It was believed earlier that the students who go for science streams have a productive career ahead as compared to other streams of study but this is not the case now. There is a vast scope in every stream today.

Here are career opportunities available on the basis of educational streams you choose

1) Science stream

Science stream

You can pursue degree in engineering after 12th standard and specialize in many fields like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

You can also go for a bachelor’s degree of science in physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT, biotechnology, etc. with which you can build a career in teaching or Research and Development.

2) Humanities

There are many opportunities for students who opt for humanities. You can go for bachelors of Arts and specialize in any areas of your interest like English, sociology, philosophy, political science, social work, psychology, fine arts, journalism, etc.

You can also opt vocational courses in different fields as they are job oriented and high in demand.

3) Commerce stream

Commerce stream

Those who choose commerce stream also has wide scope of opportunities to look forward to. You can build career in Charted Accountancy (CA), Company Secretaryship (CS), Cost and Work Accountant (CWA).

You can also go for bachelor’s degree in commerce and business management. A career in any of these fields is highly lucrative and reputable.

The opportunities are plenty for skilled and qualified candidates in India as well as abroad but in this competitive age only hard-working candidates with good grades will have a better chance of building a strong career.