Self Study – No one teaches you better than your own self

With an increasing number of new technologies and an expanding global population, self-studying is on the rise. Education is no longer confined to just the classroom, and some would argue that the classroom model is outdated and does not meet the intellectual needs of individuals in such an interconnected society. The exam season is approaching and no matter how good your teachers and friends are in terms of helping you with the preparations, the maximum one will learn and grasp is via self study. At Bhupindra International Public School, the focus is on holistic education and we believe that though consulting teachers for doubts and having group study sessions are important but all these are only helpful if a child is thorough with the concepts in his/her mind and that thoroughness only comes once the child has put in his/her individual effort in learning the subject.

Self-study is one of the most important things to do in order to prepare well for an examination. When you are studying by yourself you can actually take some time off and take a break in order to get back to your usual self as an average student gets tired in an hour or an hour and a half.  There are many different ways to learn, and it is important to adjust studying techniques to find what works for your brain. Some students find reading aloud helpful, others like taking handwritten notes rather than typing. Discover whatever works best for you, and stick with it. All you need to do is to, draft a schedule and start working towards your goal in a systematic method. Do not add up sky high study hours in your schedule as you are bound to lose track. Keep it straight forward and allot time to your subjects equally. Instead of treating your study session like a marathon, break up your material by topic into a series of short sessions, separated by short breaks. That way, you won’t be staring at your books or computer for too long while wearing on your focus and your brain can absorb the material more easily. While cramming may seem like a great way to cover a lot of material in a condensed amount of time, studying in short, frequent sessions is a more effective way to learn subject matter and self-study. Self studying may either be through books, online journals or tutorials but it is more effective than the conventional classroom learning for high and senior school students. 

There are various advantages of self-learning, some of them being:

  1. Helps a student broaden their thinking level
  2. Freedom of learning without any restrictions
  3. Students tend to build a sense of responsibility
  4. You can make study material of your own
  5. There’s no fear of criticism
  6. Helps developing good work ethics
  7. Students are able to tackle problems which in turn helps to boost their confidence

The ultimate method of self learning is so much more than just a way of learning. It releases your exclusive ability to tackle virtually any challenge, skill or subject, without regard to your current level of experience, and accomplish your goals even a when a formal instruction is unavailable.

Exams, Stress and How To Cope Up

Examinations are inevitable, and the mere nature of exams is what leads to inducing stress amongst children of all age groups. Since we’re amidst the intense exam season we thought of dedicating a post towards the bundle of stress that comes along with the entire study process.

Year 12 exams – it’s just a two-week period in a student’s life, but it’s a time that can create an enormous amount of stress for students, and consequently the whole family.

Stress is a normal part of human existence; we are built for fight or flight when we encounter stressful situations.

But some find it harder to cope with pressure than others – and research shows that for those people, stress can have a detrimental effect on performance and participation in school. Stress is normal when we engage in something challenging. We feel stressed because we are vulnerable that we may not perform well. Teach your child that this uncomfortable feeling is good because it means you are challenging yourself.

Parents can play a huge role in curbing this stress that the children face during the toughest times of their school days. Don’t protect them from the challenge, or make the stress abnormal, or they’ll think it is something to fear. Teach them to take the day as it comes and not fret over studies. Sure, it’s something that they’re supposed to take very seriously but try to help them get over the fear by making them feel at ease. Ask them how they feel, listen and encourage, but help them to see challenge as a good thing.

Your child can feel like if they don’t succeed at this then it means their whole life is a failure. They need to know there is not one perfect plan but there are multiple pathways to success. And the phrase, ‘Failures are the pillars of success’ was not just said for no reason. Make them realise that scoring poor marks in an examination is not the end of life and that there will always be more opportunities for them to prove themselves. These minor failures can act as stepping stones for something bigger and better that awaits them in the future. Failure (or not getting exactly what you want) is a normal part of life. Great success incorporates great failure. Failure is an event that provides us with choices; it is not who we are.

Everyone learns differently. Work out the most effective environment for your child. Do they like to be alone or study with friends? They may be a visual learner and use lots of pictures, or a verbal learner and need to talk through ideas. Study can be more effective when you space it out over time. So, take a three-hour study session and add a five-minute break every 30 minutes to improve their productivity. Diet is also an important factor as well. Make sure your child is well fed at regular intervals and the diet must follow a healthy routine. It should incorporate foods that stimulate the brain cells to work better.

Rest assured, if you follow the right method of teaching and comforting, your child will perform exceptionally well provided you approach them as a friendly mentor and not a stern parent.

Greetings from BIPS!


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