Discover career aspects of different educational streams

Everyone dreams of a good lifestyle and in order to achieve that building a strong career is very important as it decides the type of lifestyle one will have and his/her position in the society.

With the advancement in technology numerous lucrative opportunities has come up for those who are well educated. The opportunities are more for those who are qualified with technical knowledge. Enroll in best CBSE schools or international schools in Patiala to build strong careers.


It was believed earlier that the students who go for science streams have a productive career ahead as compared to other streams of study but this is not the case now. There is a vast scope in every stream today.

Here are career opportunities available on the basis of educational streams you choose

1) Science stream

You can pursue degree in engineering after 12th standard and specialize in many fields like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

You can also go for a bachelor’s degree of science in physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT, biotechnology, etc. with which you can build a career in teaching or Research and Development.


2) Commerce stream

Those who choose commerce stream also has wide scope of opportunities to look forward to. You can build career in Charted Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary ship (CS), Cost and Work Accountant (CWA).

You can also go for bachelor’s degree in commerce and business management. A career in any of these fields is highly lucrative and reputable.

3) Humanities

There are many opportunities for students who opt for humanities. You can go for bachelors of arts and specialize in any areas of your interest like English, sociology, philosophy, political science, social work, psychology, fine arts, journalism, etc.

You can also opt vocational courses in different fields as they are job oriented and high in demand.

The opportunities are plenty for skilled and qualified candidates in India as well as abroad but in this competitive age only hard-working candidates with good grades will have a better chance of building a strong career.

Ways to Find More Time in a Busy Schedule

Students find themselves very busy these days because of their hectic schedules due to studies and extra co-curricular activities. This leads to the development of stress in them. The reasons of stress may vary from one student to another. There may be many reasons why students find themselves too busy but with stress and time management ideas, they can surely find time for themselves.

Here are some ideas to help:

1) Learn to say no.

Many students feel uncomfortable saying “no” to things when people ask them and they end up over scheduling themselves. Maybe they don’t want to disappoint other people. Eventually, they downcast themselves by not having enough time for things important to them. Learning to say “no” to unwanted things will not only give them time but also relieve them from the stresses and worries of life.

2) Be Organized

Organize your schedule as well as your home. It’s hard to relax in an environment where things are messy. Being organized can help you to save some time doing unnecessary things.


3) Be clear on your priorities

Be clear on your priorities and stick to them. Don’t add any activities in your schedule which don’t reflect your values and priorities and are mere wastage of time. You’ll end up wasting time without adequate sleep and other healthy habits otherwise.

4) Make a plan.

Many students don’t know where their time goes. Sometimes they overestimate the amount of time they have and sometimes they underestimate the amount of time they need to complete certain activities. So it becomes important that you make a plan and schedule your activities accordingly to save time for yourself.

5) Be true to yourself.

You can avoid getting yourself overwhelmed by being true to yourself and know your limitations. This will save you from going in wrong direction and give some time for yourself.

These resources can give you a good start on less troubled Lifestyle. You can enroll in Bhupindra International Public School and start your kids journey in the right direction towards relaxed and stable life.

Tips to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

In order to read and write effectively in high school and colleges, students need strong critical thinking skills. Many jobs which involve analysis of data require employees who can think critically to choose the best course of action and act on their choices. Students who foster critical thinking skills at the early stages of life becomes more skilled in fabricating reflective and sophisticated analysis of changes they face.

Here are some exercises you can try to help improve capacity of critical thinking in your students.

1) Allocate free articles to connect with other course work

After the introduction of new concepts or contents, teachers should assign free writings to the students that will draw connections to the other course materials. This will strengthen their memory by determining how the new information will connect to what they already know.

2) Start analyzing and assessing ideas

The next vital constituent of critical thinking is assessing and analyzing the validity of ideas and facts. Let the students engage actively with course materials to: a) determine the main ideas, b) make connections with other materials, c) assess whether the ideas are logical or valid. This is done to push students to think critically about the text in hand and to determine how useful and valuable it is.

3) Use stories to draw connections and then connect stories to related concepts. Once students get the basic meaning of the story, they will be able to draw connections outside the story by getting themselves to identify stories which have a similar message of plot.

4) Embrace active learning

The major goal of teaching critical thinking is to turn students into active learners. This will help students store, summarize and synthesize information in hand and decide whether it’s valuable, factual or relevant.

Critical thinking is an important skill in your life. Students who develop critical thinking learn to analyze data, detect patterns or problems and develop ideal solutions. Enroll your children in Bhupindra International Public School to develop critical thinking skills in them.

Why Vocational Courses Are The Need Of The Hour?

In this competitive world, a matter which is of great concern these days is the employability of graduates coming out of our education system. According to the world economic forum (WEF), only 25% of the Indian graduates across all streams are considered employable by the organized sector. It shows the need of high quality vocational education to prepare youngsters for jobs. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) offers nearly 40 vacation courses in various sectors at the secondary and senior secondary levels to prepare young India with right skills-set and make them ready for jobs. You can enroll in Bhupindra International Public School the best international school in Patiala for vocational courses.

These courses are specifically designed to train youngsters for various job trades and are mainly focused on training them for particular professions or trade. These are available in many different occupational fields like health care, office management, computer Technologies and other skilled trades.

Vocational courses deviates from the normal streamlined courses as they are structured to provide application based learning with little theoretical aspects. You can go for vocational courses straight after 10th or 12th standard and opt for courses like a diploma, degree, or certificate course. There are many institutes and universities in the country that offer these courses to the students who are inclined towards them. Instead of going into streamline courses, more and more students choose these courses because of the benefits that these courses offer.

 Here are some of the benefits of studying these courses:

1) These courses offer an Insight into the requirements of a particular job along with the vocational skill set.

2) Vocational courses equip you with the knowledge and skills for a specific field. These courses provide the specialized learning which is an advantage if the student is planning to work in the same field.

3) These courses are for shorter duration of time and are less expensive. You can study them at your own convenience, even online as well.

4) Vocational courses prepare the student for the global dynamic market keeping pace with it. These also develop skilled manpower for the organized sector of the country.

The Future of Education

If you look at the history of education, a little has been changed in the method of teaching and learning. Rapid growth and development in technology has made education more promising. The future of education is very bright to the younger generation and generations to come. From Kindergarten to college/universities, many changes will be seen developing.

With rapid change and development in technology, education will take up different forms. There will be things like full length online courses, objects with smart applications and prosthetic devices to balance education. Here are some things which will shape the future of education in coming years.

1.) Online courses. With online courses, students will have opportunities to learn at different times and places. E-Learning or online courses will facilitate remote and self-learning.

2.) Personalized learning. This will help students in learning with study tools that will adapt to their capabilities. With personalized learning, the students who face difficulties with any subject will get the opportunity to practice more and this will result in a positive learning experience.

Personalized learning

3.)  Smart Objects. With objects having smart applications, education for children will be more fun, interactive and engaging. The animations that can light up and give instructions to children how to stack building blocks correctly test their spelling and reading skills or educating them through various applications will make learning more fun for them.

4.)   Manual data interpretation will become irrelevant in near future as computers will soon take care of analysis and description of statistical data and prediction of its future trends.

5.)   Development of prosthetics like Hearing Aid and microelectronic lenses will enable children of all disabilities and capabilities to study.  Education will be equal for everyone.

6.)  Exam patterns will get changed completely as student capabilities will be assessed by courseware platforms at every step. Examining capabilities of students through Questions & Answers might become irrelevant.

As the future for the education world is bright. Many developments will be made to make education simpler, efficient and equal for all. Enroll your children in international School or Best CBSE schools in Patiala for their growth and bright future.

Role of discipline in children’s life

 Discipline is defined as a way of being honest, strict follower of rules and regulations, values and social norms. It is the most important thing to live a happy and prosperous life. Discipline is the act of keeping ourselves under control in every Walk of life. It is very important in order to achieve things that we want in our life.

Children discipline is a method to prevent behavior problems in them in the future. Discipline is a way of life, where one lives in a systematic way and tries to perform all the duties on time. It is a habit in life not an adaptation. Many successful people credit discipline for their success. For them, discipline plays an important role in success more than knowledge or communication skills.

Discipline plays an important part in our lives. Not following the discipline in life, costs children later in their career. In education discipline is the set of rules and regulations of the proper behavior.

Discipline makes Children good or bad. Disciplined children learns to behave or deal with situations in a  much effective and productive way. In order to have a good education, discipline in life is very important. Disciplined children are more focused and have higher Intelligence and strong analytical skills.

Children have a gentle mind which sometimes finds it hard to distinguish between right or wrong. They need constant guidance and supervision from teachers, parents and elders to head in the right direction.

Being Humans, we have a great mind to think and decide between rights or wrong, make plans and change them into action. We should follow our teachers, parents and elders and listen to them and learn from their experiences. Lack of discipline hinders our growth and causes lots of problems in our lives.

Discipline plays an important role in our lives is it helps to stay motivated, relieve stress, get good grades, and set an example for others. You can enroll your children in Top CBSE schools in Patiala and international school in Patiala as they emphasize on discipline to their students.

Mind boosters for more brain power

Have you ever felt that you can’t remember simple things like your car keys, wallet, name of your contacts, things you need to pick from the grocery store on your way back home? With aging, lots of people struggle with this fact that their memory and mental power is not the same as it used to be. You might have tried exercising your brain or started to keep a” to do” list but to improve your mind and memory, a proven way is to provide the nutrients to the brain which are required for its functioning at high performance levels. Scientists have discovered many supplements to enhance and sharpen memory and mental performance.

Keeping your mind sharp and active is quite simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of your hard earned money to do that. Simple exercises everyday can boost your memory power and keep your mind fresh and young.  Here are some mind booster exercises for your brain

1)  Speed reading can help to develop better memory and reach your aim faster.

2) Drawing helps to stimulate the right areas in the brain and inspire creativity.

3) Learning and practicing a new or foreign language helps in improving the speech centers in your brain.

4)  Playing games like Sudoku and solving crossword puzzles can increase the brain’s ability to think critically and reasonably.

5) Participation in debates nourishes mind’s ability to think quickly and effectively.

6) Listening classical music activates the left hemisphere of the brain and makes it more Sharper.

7) Playing board games and card games helps in improving thinking and problem-solving skills..

8) Social networking helps to sustain and develop relationships, express emotions and reduce stress. It also helps in reducing the chances o having dementia.

9) Exercises are good for your mental and Physical health. Physical activities send oxygen to the brain for its relaxation so that you can think clearly.

10) Asking questions can inspire new ideas and thoughts. They help in increasing brain power by evaluating the pre-existing facts and philosophies.

You can learn and develop skills that will keep your mind sharp by enrolling in international schools in Patiala or in top CBSE schools in Patiala. Get creative, have fun and regularly exercise your brain.

Study tips to Improve Learning

Study is not just for the night before an exam or an assignment that is due. For those who neglect their textbooks throughout the year, exams turn into a unpleasant dream. It becomes difficult to cram the syllabus of entire year quickly as we want to. There are many students wondering what to do and how to make preparation of exams happen with the board exams around the corner. During such a time of high exam pressure, you might need some tips to sharpen your memory cells. Studying for 12 to 14 hours a day is not very healthy and adapting yourself to doing something like that is very rare. “It’s never too early or too late to develop study habits”. Your focus should be on ‘how much have you studied’ rather then ‘how long you have studied for’. The sooner you get into good study habits, everything will be easier for you and your chances of getting good grades will improve. Here are some tips and tricks that will make your study patterns more effective and you will get the most out of your study.

  1. Pick a best place and time for study and stick to it. Set up your study space in a quite comfortable and distraction-free area.
  2. Study smaller portions of your syllabus everyday rather than going for larger portions. This will help you to memorize your study material quickly.
  3. Consider a table or desk lamp as overhead lightning might not be enough. Good lighting can increase your productivity.
  4. Give your mind regular breaks. Don’t stretch too much. Take small breaks in between the study sessions of 1 to 2 hours depending on your capability.
  5. Learn and write. Writing important points after learning helps in retaining information even more.
  6. For easy memorization, use visual charts like flowcharts. Keep them in front of your eyes all the time. This will help you learn them more easily.
  7. Eat healthy food as proper nutrition for brain is very important for its healthy functioning.

Find the best school in your city to get the best training for life. Patiala is one of fast developing cities which is enrich in international schools with best tutors.

Education Is the Key to a Better Career

The time spent in high school helps you achieve both basic and advanced skills required to have better future. Education is helpful in finding and achieving better career opportunities. To have great success in your career needs continuous learning. Secondary school is the phase where you learn better writing, reading, communication and comprehension skills. School education is the stage where students identify their skills to select their future options. The key function of secondary school is to prepare students to successfully put a step forward towards future path.

Careers are actually not chosen but being constructed during school education, through the choices of learning that students do in schools.

Career Education– School Education helps you develop knowledge, skills and attitudes through planned program of learning and training settings that will assist you to make good decisions about further study and work options.

Career Guidance– Schooling assists you in making good educational and occupational choices and helps you move from a general understanding of life and work to a specific understanding of a realistic learning and work options that are open to you. School education and guidance play an important role in curriculum that supports:


  1. Student’s interests, strengths and aspirations
  2. Achievements
  3. Student’s with poor outcomes
  4. Student’s making bad decisions about their career choices

An educated person always has more chances to land up at good paying job. The more educated you are, the better options you will have in building your career. If you want to be self-dependent person in terms of both making money and in taking decision then education is the most important aspect for this.  Patiala is rich in having top international schools, find the best CBSE School in Patiala and get enrolled for your better future.

Getting good marks is not Education. Education is Self-Empowerment

When we talk about the word education, the very first thing that comes to our mind is studying and getting good marks but just putting a hold to this thought and analyzing the true meaning of education, than basically education is all about learning new things and taking the intellect to next level, so that we can differentiate between the right and the wrong or good and evil. It is the foremost duty of society to educate every citizen so that we have the better understanding of the world around us.

Patiala is the fourth largest city in Punjab and the education system of this city is growing day by day. All the top schools must understand the fact that education is not just about gaining something from it but also about contributing to the growth of nation, and they should focus on delivering the best to the students. The focus should also be on women’s education because educating a woman can bring a change in a family and even the society as a whole.

Quality check

Education is basically self-empowerment, making you strong enough to look after yourself in any kind of situation. Once you are enough educated, you can bring about development for the greater good of mankind. Getting educated from international school and gaining sufficient academic qualification will help you get suitable employment at the later stages of life. Those who have amassed enough education, steer the path of development and progress for their country. It is these individuals who work hard to become teachers, scientists, inventors, welfare activists, soldiers, and politicians who work together to form the very backbone of the society. Without this pool of intellect, the economic and social framework would crumple and fall, paving its way for anarchy, degradation, and violence.

So, Education is stimulating our minds and molding probing minds into intellectual ones.

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